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i need help in starting my business

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hi everyone.. im just new here and i already checked the other threads/forums but it seems the ones i need are outdated already.. im planning to start a business (tshirt printing in baguio).. at first i was planning to use the silk screen method but upon reading i found out that that is not a good method to start with because its good only for bulk orders..

now im thinking of using the heat transfer(heat press)..

.. can u pls pls give me some tips and advise or recommendations on how to start this
.. can u pls tell me what are things that i will need
.. can u pls also tell me where can i buy these equipments and other materials needed for this line of business (good quality but at a low price) if possible, pls include the price or at least estimated price of the equipments..

.. sorry for all the questions but id rather ask and post them all now than to ask it again later.. hehe

tnx a lot.. i would appreciate all the help you can give :)
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as far as using emulsion for bulk orders only, i would say that's really from the viewpoint of person who has a lot of money invested and equipment purchased. Sure, if you have like four printing presses and thousands of dollars in other equipment, then it doesn't make much sense to print single shirt orders. If you have just a simple one color, one station press then it should be fine.

As far as heat transfer goes, i don't know too much about it. You could try purchasing books or DVDs for instruction on how it works. I do know that you would need a special computer printer, and heat transfer paper. Also you will need a heat transfer press. Check out some of this stuff.

Heat Press, Heat Transfer Press, Heat Press Machine, Used Heat Press, T Shirt Heat Press

Sublimation Transfers, Sublimation Kits, Sublimation Printer

hope this gives you some insight as to what you want to do!
Hi kabayan Dniens, welcome to t-shirt forums. You can just watch video in youtube about heat transfer process or just watch lou video and you will learn a lot about heat transfer processs. For heat trasnfer Process you will need computer,printer, heat press and heat transfer paper. Maybe you gonna spend around 25T to 50T pesos depending of brand and quality of your equipment. Goodluck to your Biz...
well tnx for all the links.. it really helped :)

im actually starting to look for some equipments now.. i saw some advertisements where in they are selling 5/6 in 1 heat press.. u think ill get one of those or should i start with an ordinary press first?
i checked the link on your post mydamitand its a good site btw :) (i think i saw that link as well on a post on one of the websites that i visited) so your selling equipments too? what brand of heat press can u recommend then?

silk screen made tees last longer than heat press made right? u think how long will it last.. some says heat press tees might last for 30 washes or it depends on the ink and the papers that'll be used?

c90 printer is phased out according to what ive read so cx5500 would be the best option for the printer then?

one more thing..
pigment ink is used for shirts and other fabrics and sublimation ink for mugs and tiles.. is that right?
Silkscreen is more durable than heat transfer process depend on what kind of heat trsnfer process. Sublimation process is very good but only limited to light garment and 100 polyster garments. Sublimation can do t-shirt,mousepad, mugs and any other sublimation blanks. If you have order more than 50 pieces just do plastisol process almost the same output as silkscreen. Pigment ink or dyebase ink is also used in t-shirt depending in paper you using. Right now i'm using mix epson pigment and dyebase (black and yellow is my pigment and the rest are dyebase ink for my epson 1400.) Using jetpro paper. I got shirt for more than 30 washes and still good. If you need more information just PM me. here my sample of shirt using jetpro paper.


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so i guess silkscreen would be enough for bulk orders(more than 50 tees) since most of the time its just gonna be used for seminars and small occasions only and usually its just one colored and simple designs...

but for customized shirts where in i will just probably make more or less 5 tees, the heat transfer will be good and will last for a long time provided that i use a good paper and ink right?

btw..i cant pm u for some reasons(probably disabled):D
Yes having a good paper and ink are the most important on heat transfer process. if you want more information you can watch everything in youtube. I learned all these stuff on internet and by watching youtube i also learned editing using photoshop and illustrator just following some instruction in internet video.
yeah i think i should learn how to use illustrator now.. im not sure how it works but since i know how to use photoshop already then i might not have a hard time learning it anymore :)

heat press providers/manufatcturer in manila also offers training and demo right so i think ill check it out.. ive been watching the process on videos already but i think a live demonstration would help a lot

the problem now is where to get the supplies from.. got any suggestions?
Are there any equipment suppliers in Manila/Cebu who offer terms?
i started with heat press but after learning the kph i would consume per press, geeez i backed out. too bad i had the heat press machine already haha.

also, i bought self-weeding paper that i never got to use. i don't know if it's popular now but they said print looks better than regular transfer paper. my friend that had the kind of paper never made it work on his tee. i couldn't give him more of what i had because i thought someone else could buy it from me haha.

you can check out metacafe and youtube for related video on heat transfer method: badalou, joshellsworth, customizedmyshirt, gener549 and others.

by the way, i bought my supplies (self weeding paper and heat press machine) from china. of course they sell cheaper compared here but if you're after warranty, i suggest pinoys are better suppliers. not to mention you can see the product before buying it.

hope you get your biz running soon. goodluck!
Are there any equipment suppliers in Manila/Cebu who offer terms?
hey. i know it's not proper to offer service here or something, just wanna let you know i don't know anything about heat press, never pursued it and i have the heat press machine with me. of course i tried plugging it on so i know it's working but never used it. i'm from manila. i really want to dispose my heat press machine. it's too big. 40x60 size. can't keep this forever because i'm already starting up my screenprinting biz. let me know if this is what you need and if you're interested. thanks.
where can we bought silkscreen machine here in the philippines
Would you prefer acrylic fabirc paint or textile?
textile just simple 4 colour machine

I read some good reviews about using textile paint but would you personally suggest this as well for handpainting?
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