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So depending on your settings for paper type and your color profile and the paper will generate different results. I have yet to use the jpss or the inkjetcart ink - but have been researching it heavily and according to what i have read all of those settings will make a difference.

I also believe that the print on the jpss will be dull but it users say it looks great when printed. But "looks great" depends on the perspective. I don't think your going to get as vibrant colors as you do with screen printing or plastisol transfers (I may be wrong - but from what I have seen that is the case) but you can get it to look as good as the DTG printers.

I would get some shirts and some jpss and test from there. If you were printing photo's I don't think you could make a good judgement by printing on plain paper versus quality without printing on high quality photo paper
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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