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I need a used automatic rhinestone setting machine

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I am looking to buy a USED automatic Rhinestone Setting machine. Does anyone have one or know of any for sale?
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Do you already own a automatic machine and are looking to add to your capacity. I think it would not be advisable to go for a used machine if you dont have any experience with it.

A new machine may be a lot more strain financially but you feel secure of the investment, not to mention training, warranty and the chance to fully concentrate on marketing for your business.

Best of luck !
Hmmm, good concept but im priced out of the market for a New good machine. Thanks for the advice!
You may opt for the Lease option on the new machine, with the added benefit of trading it in for a bigger machine as your business grows.

Which brand are you interested in ?
Yes! A great option. Most likely Cams 1V 6P. I have spoke to the folks at Col Desi & also another company. Their name escapes me at the moment.
I know of coldesi, havent heard much about any other distributor.

Cams is a very good machine and a sound investment.

Best of luck
I agree.
CAMS is a very strong and productive machine.
Dee, I highly suggest you get a Cams machine and start with the 1v-2p if you have a smaller budget. The Cams machines are work horses, Col Desi is a great Company to work with and when I researched other brands before buying my Cams 1v-2p, I was convinced the Cams was the best. I started with the 1v-2p then upgraded to the 1v-6p in one year and I'm very happy with my machine.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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