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Hey all,

I'm a 16 year old guy who has been designing T-Shirts for a couple of years now, and i've always had trouble making money (that I spend to print the shirts) back.

Selling is not a problem because my designs are good, and they have sold in the past, but if it costs ME 12 dollars to make a T-Shirt, then I obviously cannot make much of a profit.

At this point I'm getting pretty frusterated with not making money off good designs, so my question is: what would be the best way to make t-shirts at a low-enough cost to where I can still earn decent money?

Most sites I've looked at on the internet cost far too much with shipping, packing, etc. so I'm wondering if investing in a Heat Press is a good idea? Or if there are any sites that would'nt run my wallet dry?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew R.
you dont have to invest much for that you can stick for manual printing for a while whats important is you to have a good quality shirt usd 12 is quite high most branded shirt that cost too much doesnt even cost that much
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