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I need a New Printer

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Recently my 3 in 1 copy/scan/printer died a 6 year old HP. I went to replace it to learn that a feature it had wasn't available in HP any longer. With my old copier I could copy a photo and print it in reverse " Mirrow Image - Iron On Mode. Does any one know of a 3 in 1 (under $250) that will do this feature. I'm told that I could scan the photo into a program and flip it..... I want to do this as a copy feature.
Anybody know ,
Thanks Steve

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go to staples and play with them i would assume one of the ones with the bigger touch screens would have them like i saw an all in one epson yesterday with a 7 inch touch that was like 300 i think maybe less but just go to the store and try them all
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