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i need a good digitizer

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i'm new to embroidery & i'm shopping around for a few good digitizers. i have a couple i'm currently using but i'm not totally satisfied with the outcome. if some could please post or email some good digitizers to try out i'd really appreciate it.

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There are some recommendations in this thread:

More can be found by searching for digitizer here in the referrals section of the forum
Try out ArtWorkSource.Com, Inc | Home

They're an award winning company and they do superb work. Their standard turnaround time is 24 hrs.
best way to identify a good digitiser is to get a list of all possible digitisers that could qualify. prepare a template order and send the same design to all the digitisers. make a note on how long they take to get it back to you although note that since its a trial order many will turnaround quick to impress you. Get rates from all and then compare the samples and rates and decide who you wish to go with. That way if one lets you down, you know which is the 2nd best to fall back on. Hope this helps.
Try Ed Carye at [email protected]

Ed has been doing this since before the advent of computers and has a great understanding of the process. He was featured in Impressions magazine a number of years ago in an article on the top digitizers in the US. He is not the cheapest, there are a lot of digitizers that advertise just that. Cheap. Cheap price, cheap work. Ed is reasonable and does great work.
i do digitizing for free the first 4 are free then after very cheap rate
i do digitizing for free the first 4 are free then after very cheap rate
where are u based?
and whats your VERY cheap rate???
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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