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I haven't posted in a while. I've had my Neoflex since December and I absolutely, without a doubt, simply love this machine. I just thought i'd chime in.
It runs great, no head clogs, no stop prints, every print looks great. I'm proud to own such a machine.
The rip is very easy and fast to use.
Hello Peter...
I have an idea for a Neoflex add-on.
A low level scanner unit attached to the print unit. This would be so when you have something on the print bed that requires tight placement of a image onto the garment. you can hit scan, the printer with the scan unit will scan the print bed (this can be very low resolution) then it will overlay the scanned image over the platens in the rip ie: to show where the pockets on shirts and such are. then you can place your image to print in the exact spot you need. This will make it faster and easier than having to measure and hope you have it in the correct place.
Just a thought.
I love this machine.......

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You guys are thinking too small.

Printer that Stitches the shirt together.
Pretreats in a separate, sealed area of the printer.
Uses a ultrasonic heat press to dry the treatment.
then it is automatically placed in the print area.
Prints the image
then rolls to the back where an ultrasonic heat press auto presses it in 5 seconds.
It folds the shirt for you.
Puts it into a nice little package and boxes it.
when the order is complete it prints the label.

Did I mention it shoots money out of the back?
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