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To: The T-shirt Gurus,
I've been following links all over the forum in trying to figure out what I'm doing and I came across some links for online descriptions of DIY screen printing. One of the links showed a technique for using stencils (somebody called it podunk) and that seems to make the most sense to my brain. Keep in mind I'm more of a fine artist than a graphic artist and I generally like to have a pen, pencil or paintbrush (not a mouse) in my hand! Also, I have 5 kids and zero start-up money (just to make things interesting).
What I want to know is, has anyone on this site been able to make a go with their own small business by using one of these more "primitive" methods?
Help! My brain is full!!

Do you see those people drawing portraits in the park or sidewalks or beach resorts?
You can probably offer stenciling as another street service.

Why don't you take up airbrushing t-shirts?
That can generate legitimate income in seasonal tourist locations.
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