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I only really print white and light t-shirts using JPSS. I've been hand cutting them for years but this is taking its toll on my wrist i'm getting repetitive strain injury, so its time yo get something to cut them for me. I'm thinking of getting a cameo silhouette however i got know idea how to use one. All i want it to do is cut around my designs leaving a couple of mm border.

Once i have created a registration on the software can i save the image with this registration in bedded or do i need to open the same image every time i want to cut it?

Is there a plotter available that you can load several sheets at one time and the auto feed into the machine?

Does the Cameo come with more than one carrying sheet?

For the basic cutting i so not need the upgraded studio software right?

Thank you.

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Hello. Hope I can help you.
Your requires is very easy. yes. if the plotter with Red dot function, contour cutting meeting your border requires. and If your cutter have SD card function,you will find it is very easy to cut without open the same image everytime you want to cut, you only insert the SD card into the plotter. then the plotter will cut your images and auto feed into the machine.
You can only have the flexi software with the plotter, you will find it is easy.
Any questions please feel free to contact me. I will here to clear your confuse.
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