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I have my logo, I just need to find wholesale tee's.

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So I have my logo, I've thought up many designs and such. I've gone to different screen printers around my area, and they all have wholesale t-shirts. The cost to print isn't the problem, but the screen printers are selling the wholesale t-shirts for too much. I would like to purchase bulk tee's from Port & Company, but their website just refers me to local screen printing businesses. How can I buy bulk tee's as if I were a screen printing shop?
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you will need to establish that you are in fact in 'the business'..get a resale license, business lic for the area you live...etc...Sanmar (port and company) will not sell to any end comsumer.

BTW...not sure about your screen printer..for one thing I will NOT use a customer provided garment...in case I screw up, I have to find where they got it..get same shirt..often having to pay retail...plus part of my profit...and your screen printer...is the mark up on shirts...why should he give that up? If your volume in enough maybe they will give a break but that you have to ask for...maybe get it
Try and find a screen printer that doesn't mark up the price of the shirt. There are plenty of screen printers out there that don't mark up at all. It seems 9 times out of 10 printers either will not allow you to bring your own shirt for reasons stated above or they just wont guarantee the work.
Try: www.shirtchamp.com

No resale lic is needed to order, though if you are doing this as an intended biz, you should be legal.

If shirts are not for resale, no biz lic needed

If you were to google 'wholesale t-shirts', you will find many.

I found shirt champs to be the best to work with, shirts less than competition..usually a $1.52 for white blanks/Gildan or hanes...no minimums required
Here are some places you can buy t-shirts without a business license: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/wholesale-t-shirts/t37991.html

Be sure to check with the printers to see if they will print on blank garments that you supply. Not all of them will, and some will mark up the price of the printing if you provide your own garments.
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