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I have been researching vinyl heat transfers and decals. Advice on where to gather more info.

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Looking for info on vinyl transfers, decals etc..... I am soon to be making decals, i am also interested in vinyl transfer for t-shirts.

Harley W
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I would say all the info you need is on this website. What is holding you back?
Yep, I bet there is not anything you cant find here on this forum on the topics your talking about.
I use Joto for my heat applied vinyl. I love the stuff!!
The site will give you a wealth of information. Read, read, read!
What kind of stickers will you be making?

Heat Transfer material= JPSS
Vinyl for shirts= Cadcut or Thermoflex
Vinyl= Oracal 651 or 3M
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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