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I have an idea!

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Would it be possible to transfer an image onto a shirt by printing on a non-absorptive sheet,laying it on a wet t shirt,and heat pressing it?.
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You made my day :D I like you :)
Interesting ...

For safety sake, first remove any woman who may be in the wet T-shirt before pressing.

InkJet ink is water base, and needs a substrate that will absorb it, else you'll get a runny, puddly mess. Transparency films have a water absorbing coating on the ink side for this reason. Inkjet ink is also not DTG (fabric) ink, so it needs to be printed onto a substrate and then a part of that printed substrate is transferred to the shirt ... though I expect this aspect would actually work to some extent. I see where you are going with the wet T-shirt, I think; that is so the ink won't absorb/bleed too far from the point of contact? That is certainly how Tie-Dye is approached. In this case, I think it would just add to the mess. As to heat pressing a wet shirt ... I think that alone might blast the pigment off.

But hell, for the sake of science, do it and take photos :)
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In theory, heat-pressing it even without water will to the transfer, because pigment inks contain binders, and binders are basically plastic. However, you need a fairly thick layer of ink for a t-shirt, and that's not possible unless the substrate is fairly absorbent.

You can transfer laser toner, and solvent Inkjet prints, using solvent or heat, but the result will be a faded image. You cannot sell those shirts.
One kind of does this process with a no-weed two step laser print. Dont wet the t-shirt
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