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i guess i'm just a post-digger

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it's true. i'm digging several posts, right here. on your forum.

so thanks.

i'm withwords, and i'll be dropping some words to go along with your words, soon.

gotta keep designing right now--i'm on a break. t-shirtforums is a nice, inspiring breath.

again, thanks.
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Post-diggers make for more informed posters. We like your kind here. Welcome :)

Welcome to the forums!
What's a post-digger? I like that name :)

Welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
subtly speaking, it's one who digs--enjoys/gets into--posts, like these, and their threads--funny word considering it's a forum that deals with textiles.

btw, Rodney. my hats--or embroidered ballcap--off to you. you've made so many helpful and impressionable posts. thank you. it's been a real advocating factor to jump into the t-shirt biz.

of course, there's a lot of guys and gals i can say similarities about in this forum. you know who you are. you've my appreciation, too. or if you aren't one of those, but think you play a part in my progress... you'll read what you want to hear. so i'll just go ahead and say thank you, as well.
Rodney said:
What's a post-digger?
withwords gave one definition (probably the correct one in this context); there are others too of course!

One thing that 'digg' or 'digging' something online can mean relates to the website www.digg.com - basically, a user-driven site where popular websites/news articles/etc. are "dugg" by the members and the highest rated links are featured on the front page and all. (No, I don't think that's what they were referring to, but it is another meaning for digging something :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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