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I dont understand!!!!

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Hi neofamily

I change all my dampers and is very good.
But i have do 3 simple cleanning ,1 power cleanning
And my nozzle check is very very bad? So i have do 3 simple cleanning is the same . Its crazy!!!!
So i have clean my printhead , FLUSH AND REFLUSH all is good but sometimes the second and the 3 buze is no good on my printhead .
but i see the video on you tube about the capping station maybe i do change my capping station or just the cap because i have my NEOFLEX since 2 years and i never never change parts .

What do you think?
Do you have a solution ?


I CANT WORK SINCE 1 month , its bad dream!!!!
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when i got a bad nozzle check after 3-4 cycle cleaned. I take it rest overnight.

first times i met bad nozzle, i try to clean clean clean and clean many times and it's still bad and more terrible and wasted a lot of inks. so next time i found this problem again i do maximum cleaned about 3-4 times then printing and then do 1-3 times clean. if it still bad i take it rest overnight.

I'm a newbie for neoflex and does not go training yet but i believed an EPSON part it would be almost the same(have had owned fast t-jet2). I will do not clean more than 3-4 times cleaning cycle with out printing.

Sorry for my english, hope you can understand my word.
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How i know if my cap is bad?
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