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I dislike the Teespring + Facebook business model/scene

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So a couple of years ago I heard that people were making a lot of money using Teespring & Facebook. I gave it a try. After I tried it I hated everything about it.

1st of all the learning curve is really steep. Facebook ads and groups are very complex to learn about for a beginner.

2nd I always hated facebook, because it's a massive privacy invader.

3rd, the kind of designs they market on Facebook are disgusting to me. They're all about jobs, families, and their pet dogs. They are mostly text based and they're extremely bombastic and crude. I really dislike those designs and I don't want to make designs like them. I didn't take art classes so I could make crude text designs about jobs, grandmothers, and pet dogs.

4th, one of the highest selling categories of designs is about nurses, and I couldn't care less about nurses, or any of the other topics that they typically make designs about and market on facebook. I would hate to make a lot of designs about nurses and other such things just to make a buck.

5th, in order to make a decent amount of money you have to actually be social for real on facebook and you have to make a group, such as a group about nurses, and pretend that you care about it and interact with people and put out regular content for your group. That's way to much work and something I would hate to do. Plus it's far too fake, and I hate being fake. Also I don't want to socialize to sell shirts. I just want to make designs.

6th, the business model isn't passive income at all. It's the extreme opposite: it's highly active income. You have to work a lot of hours every day to be successful. You have to create and advertise many designs until you find one that's a great seller, and all the other designs are failures that lose money. This is a lot of work every day.

7th, facebook advertising is overpriced. They charge you a lot of money for ads even if there's no competition. I put out a facebook ad for which I had zero competition, but they still charged me a lot of money per click anyway, just like Google adwords does.

8th, I joined a Teespring group and found that most people had a very hard time selling even 1 shirt using Teespring's business model. So much for making a million dollars.

9th, the whole scene was very cold and calculating and full of scammers. They were just in it for the money and I didn't see any love of art or t-shirt designs. There were so many people trying to make money by selling scammy courses on how to make money with Teespring & Facebook. I think there's a lot of liars, lying about how much money they made with Teespring.

Back when I was a kid, what I loved about t-shirts with designs printed on them was the graphics. Like for example there were cool designs with monsters & cars by Ed Roth. To me that's what printed t-shirts are all about.
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Agree with you on all points. I think you're right that people make far less money than they claim with teespring. I think the scene has moved on to China dropshipping products now. With the disruption to Facebook ad targeting everyone is a little stressed out about how the Facebook game is changing.

I guess at the end of the day it comes to whether you love money or art and some people will sacrifice all for money.

I really can't bring myself to sell hideous things either. But people make ugly things and advertise it right and it sells. A cruel cruel world haha!!!

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Aside from the Teespring + Facebook game...Amazon Merch has taken a huge chunk of the pie. The benefit is that so many folks are already on Amazon shopping and they will also handle the merch so all ou need to do is upload designs.
Most people are @#$%^&* sheep who buy *&^%, so *&^% sells. A lot of the *&^% is bought as gifts that get a polite smile or fake laugh, then crawl off to a drawer from which they never again rise. But money is made, so the cycle continues.

If one wants to earn a living in the T-shirt business, one should sell printing services to little leagues, fire departments, and would-be T-shirt moguls. Or get really good at making and marketing *&^%.

Or one could go get a less distasteful job for the money, and do art on the side.

I have FB pages for my lines and have tried ads, but have not seen results.

With a line that is about something specific: Animal Welfare, Veganism, Death Metal, whatever--I think one could develop a dedicated following over time if it is something some group of people are passionate about and gab amongst themselves about. All the better if it is off the mainstream and no one else is creating much for the niche, or at least not creating much that is considered worthy by the niche--nothing annoys a niche more than some lamebutt niche outsider trying to pass off mainstream misperceptions as witty niche insights.

There is a small company that prints dark, gothy looking designs based on the work of Poe and Lovecraft and the like. The art is well done, the prints are oversized, and (if I remember right) they are discharge prints so they are soft. They have totally nailed that niche, no matter how small it might be, it is theirs. I've no idea what sort of income they get off of it ... I would be surprised if they couldn't earn more at a corporate desk job. But then money isn't the real reason one does art. Rather, one hopes to turn art into money so one can do more art instead of doing more corporate desk-holding-down.

If you get it figured out, let me know (but no one else ;-)).
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But then money isn't the real reason one does art. Rather, one hopes to turn art into money so one can do more art instead of doing more corporate desk-holding-down.
Nailed It.
It seems like the concept of being a partner with a printer that will help with set up cost is an good plan. The formula works best if you have a really clever design that could catch hold and go viral, otherwise it is just a test market scenario- "lot of squeeze .....very little juice"
I think all those teespring and teechip crap people saying they made $100k is a lie. I actually talked to one kid that said he made $20,000 from them with one shirt design.I ask him why dont he do his own printing and buy equipment and he was like when I get out of high school thats my plan. He said he was going to save his money to buy equipment cause it cost to much. Im like what about the $20k you got and he said I only got about $2k and He was like I stop selling on there.I started laughing. as for all the scammers that try to sell you %$^&**( all there doing is selling your a dream and probable go say if you can get 100 people to buy your message you can make this much money. But you have to hurry before others catch on.most designs thats I see on there sites people text me or call saying can you make this design.I tried facebook ads but havent sold nothing.
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