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I can show you how to clean a clogged GT-541 Print head

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Do you have a clogged Brother GT-541 print head? Don't buy a $1000 new one, when you can clean yours with Eastern Tech cleaning solvent, slightly hotter than brothers cleaning fluid and safe not to damage the piezo print ribbon. I can show you how. I will clean yours for $150, I can get it to print like new. You also need to maintain the tubes and the underneath ink sucking part of the machine. I had to learn this all on my own. You can too.
Learn to clean the heads yourself. I have been also syringing out ink from low cartridges for 5 years now. All the Bro. techs say , no, no ,no, but I say "why not?" Since I can clean the heads I do not worry about dried ink "choda's" Eastern Tech sells 500ML of "cleaning Fluid" for $22 New tygon print tubes from McMasterCarr for $40 for all 4 new tubes. Andrew from CustomShirtMan.com - if you need help. ET also sells 500ML bags of ink for $250, same a Brother and Sawgrass, they all work about the same.
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