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I Am Old But New At This...LOL

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Hello to all! I am new to the t-shirt business but have spent the past month reasearching and looking thru this site. It is awesome! Have many questions and much research left to do, but I am glad I found a great place to start!

I was "forced" into my gigantic leap of faith by a complete stranger who, thru a series of strange events, told me to run with my ideas and gave me a one year deadline to do so or he would take it from me (all in good humor from he and his family who are in the biz) Actually said I had a "marketing mind" which from what I have read in the forums, is a big plus.....

So, I have a company, a logo, a business license and an idea.....or ten :) Have gotten it together in 4 weeks and ready to make a serious committment to this thing.....

Onward I go......
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!

Good Luck In Your Venture.....
Thank you!
Welcome to the forum.
You will get a lot of good info. here.
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