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Hello Everyone
I am at my wits end. LITERALLY
I have an Epson SureColor P600 that was already built when I bought it
It of course was unknown of if it worked correctly or not (person I bought off of didnt know what they had and it was a killer deal)
This is my first DTG printer
I knew the lines needed flushed as it was unknown the last time it ran
It took me a WHOLE day to clean them as they were caked (as if they had never been flushed in their whole life)
I reconnected all the lines, and bypasses the error ink code. (Dont ask me how as I do not remember)
I got it working and trying to print (YAY ME, right?)
Then there was the printing error of the paper feed.
Researched how to bypass, or remove the sensor so it would actually print a test page.
I forgot to lower the platen, and the carriage accidentally rammed the platen.
Next thing I know now it is making this sound, and the LED lighting is gone, and no screen display.
UGH !!!!!
Will someone please help me as I do NOT want to have to pay someone to come and look at it, especially if it is something that I can do myself. PLEASE !!!!!
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