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I am going nuts with this one. Cameo 3 print and cut...

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Yesterday I spend the whole night trying to print some detailed outline design with register marks and to cut it in cameo...

I had register mark errors, and I finally fixed that.. But whatever I do, I can't get the right size in cameo. It just doesn't work... Something is off, I spend bunch of googling, you tubeing and I just can't figure it out. I am wasting vinyl like crazy cause of this.

Yes it sounds weird but I print on vinyl. I use vinyl for stenciling, and I wanna print outlines and then cut it and I could do the weeding part much easier if I have printed outlines.

So if anybody have an idea bring it on pls. I don't have the ai addon from silhouette, guess I would need to buy it, but I would like to fix this before I make that purchase.
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This topic can be closed. I found the solution.
can u please disclose?
how did you do it?

if you ever need any ai files converted to studio, please feel free to email them to me
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I downloaded silhouette connect for free from their site. If you don't buy it, you can't use it with silhouette studio. So basically they wanna screw your head, so you drool like a dog watching connect which you can't use it.
But...What I did is:
Installed the connect. In Illustrator I got plugin, and 2 options. Send to silhouette studio(which you can't use...) or set cameo register marks.

It goes like this:
Set crop marks, 20 lenght,1.0 thickness,margin 0,relative to cut job,export as dxf
then go to silhouette,open that dxf file,set register marks in silhouette studiot(on the same position like there is on dxf file!), lenght 18, thickness 0.40, go to line tool thickness 1.00,delete register marks which were on dxf file, then print that. After you print, set line thickness to 0.00 Now send to cut. It cuts perfectly. Here is a picture i just started to weed. I am making a t-shirt for my old man. He is called stara sablja, which means old sword. This is in my country like old friend. I could use little less thickness of the line, but it was a first try. And I should wait few minutes so ink would dry.... But weeding is fun now. Before was pain in the...

picture is bad, cause my phone is bad and I am weeding at night. I would need to set more light, but my eyes are tired. And picture is 17cm x 8cm

one more thing. Color goes off if you use little water and toalete paper. Vinyl is like new after the treatment.
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one more thing so it doesn't look weird. This would be reverse weeding and screen printed t shirt with that vinyl instead of emulsion. I am basically making one screen printed t-shirt.

I hope I explained good enough.
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tested and it works perfectly. Size comparison:
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that looks great
good stuff seacookie!
Yea, this way I can weed much easier. I had problems with weeding, I also was checking what other people are doing. Some guys are using Stahls weeding desks. -.-
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