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Hello, my name is chris nalder, and i started printing over a year ago, but it has been a little while since i have done anything, because i am stuck....

First of all, I have owned many companies, and consider myself an entrepreneur. Using the internet i have tought myself many things, screen printing being one of them. My current company is Epitome Skateboarding.

I built my own screen printer. It is made of wood. I can post some pictures of it when i get home. It isnt very good quality, but i dont have $800 to drop on a fancy one.

I would really like to be able to start printing multiple color shirts (like the war shirt shown on my website).

i use a blow dryer for fast drying for multiple layers, and an oven for completion.

I buy my screens, emulsion, ink, and squeeges from Michaels, a craft store.

So here are my questions...

1. Is there a cheap way to build / find a simple screen printer?

2. What is some cheap/ good ink i should buy? (mostly for solid and stretchy printing of white on black)

3. Is there a cheaper place i can be getting bigger and better screens? Im paying $25 for a screen that is about the size of a sheet of paper.

4. Any advice for me?

Thanks for your time,
Chris Nalder
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