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Hi, things seem over whelming at first, but once you start looking into stuff and getting your feet wet you'll see it's a piece of cake. I just started less than a year ago, never knew how much info and materials were out there.

I've mentioned this before, but I still think its very cool and one of my favorite decal related things. Here's some info if you plan on using Oracal brand vinyl, I'm pasting from a previous post - the color chart is well worth it :


You can request a FREE Oracal vinyl color chart as well as FREE samples of Oracal vinyl at: ORACAL USA

You'll need to register your info, but it's worth it (you don't have to be a business). Great to have if you plan on using different Oracal colors, and the free vinyl samples come in handy too if you're having trouble choosing the right series for you, or you'd like to see a real vinyl sample of all the Oracal colors.

Some sites try to sell you an Oracal chart, then give you a credit that's good for your next purchase. Totally free from the Oracal website.
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