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I am a new

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Hello, I am so glad to have found this forum to speak about graphic designs for t shirts, I am new to this in all aspects, and I want to get to where I can start a little business, to support us 4, I hope I dont ask to many dumb questions, looking forward to meeting you all on the forum:p
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WELCOME!!! Ask all the dumb questions you want!:p I do!!!lol trust me theres a gang of people wondering the same thing as you! I just printed my first shirts today & thanx to all the great people here who answered all my dumb questions I was able to pull it off!!! There is no dumb questions!;)
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There are no dumb questions, Just smart answers!!
Welcome from Florida
It is going to take alot of time and money to feed a family of 4 just on t-shirts , but it can be done. Keep your head up and continue to move forward
Where are you from? What equipment do you have? Experience?
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