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Does anyone know where I can order HYP T-Shirts in wholesale. I am looking for a website for them but no luck. I usually order directly from American Apparel but have had some interest in HYP Tees. If anyone knows I Would appreciate it
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alphashirt.com sells hyp wholesale.
Thanks. Does HYP sell them directly?
I don't think hyp sells directly, only through distrubtors like alphashirt.com
Anyone know of anyone else that sells these? I tried Alpha but did not have the style I need. I am looking for the HYP100 Catalina Tees. If anyone knows where I can get these preferably cheap please pass on that info. Thanks
Alphashirt carries the the hyp100 catalina shirt here:

the 4logoapparel.com website is the catalog site for alpha.
atlanticsportswearinc.com also carries hyp
Thanks. I found Atlantic as well and they seem to be the cheapest. Has anyone ordered from them before. Ive been trying to call them for days now and only get a personal type answering machine.
i've ordered from them before and it was a hit and a miss. The first time was fine, everything went well, but the next time i kept getting the answering machine you mentioned, and i ended ordering from alpha and broder bros instead. granted that experience was about a year ago, but i seems that hasn't changed.:confused:
Oh ok good to know..it definitely seemed weird. Im looking for that t-shirt in the aqua color. At this point id consider looking for a similar type tee in the same color. American Apparel's blue is too bright for the design im doing or I would use their tees.
Re: HYP T-Shirts...private label?

I am trying to contact Hyp directly. Has anyone figured out how? I would like to know if they do private label orders. Thanks for the help!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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