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Hello all need a recommendation on a humidifier
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any evaporation type will work. depending on the size of your space, you may need a bigger or smaller type than what others have. i'm in the midwest, and a 1 gallon keeps up fine over the winter, and i don't need one in the summer.
I have an evaporative type also, I got mine from home depot..it's a 12 gallon unit and does a great job of keeping the print area at the correct humidity. (50%+)
Ok thanks another question should it be close to the printer and will the heat press be effecting it in any way.
Yes the heat press will effect it. I took a large room in the house and added plastic curtains to the doorway to contain the humidity. There is a definite drop in humidity when heat press is on. I try and hold at 50% if not higher.
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Received humidifier today it is supposed to be good for 3900 sq ft i have about 450 , had it running for about 6 hrs with about 10 degress of change and no more best I got was 42 any suggestions
After recommendations from posts here on the forums about humidifiers I went with the largest one I could get at home depot for my small 200sqft workspace and I'm very glad I did! It is meant to humidify a whole house up to 4000 sqft. This humidifier completely cleared up my print head clogging problems, thank goodness!!! The only negatives so far are that it doesn't have an alert to let me know when the water is out, the fan can be loud and it can be chilly. But, when I'm operating my heat press I find the fan to be very refreshing! It's just loud if you need to talk on the phone, but it all depends on the humidity level in the room at the time, if it's low then the fan has to run harder to keep it up. Positives are that I don't have to fill it as often, especially if I will be out of town for a day or two. It has 2 water tanks to fill and they are narrow and rectangular so if my sink is full of dirty dishes I can still get it under the faucet :) The humidity reading seems accurate to the digital hygrometer I have located in the room, sometimes a small difference.

AIRCARE 5 Gal. Evaporative Humidifier for 4,000 sq. ft.-HD1409 - The Home Depot
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Allyson: get a foot switch power strip. If a phone call comes in or a customer walks in, you just click the power strip with your foot and temporarily turn off the humidifier.

Super easy to manage!
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