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HTV-Display Samples

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I have only used Siser htv to date and found their "pizza box" display book- $239 (HPN), $179 (Pro World). Are there other sample display options available? Is it more cost effective to make one, if not, where is the least expensive place to buy one?

I also came across the Gildan Mini T Sample Display, $125-wowers, then you have to pay $25 for new colors that they come out with.

Am I not looking in the right place for such items, or are they this expensive? I'm new to this industry, and surprised they charge this much for others to market their products.
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do you stock/offer all the colors of htv/tee's?

we did 5"x5" square cutouts of the tee colors we offer,
and then pressed the designs in the vinyl colors we offer

to hold it all together we have a grommet system (buy at any hobby/walmart store), and a clip/caribiner/small chain
you can modify this to have many vinyl colors on each tee patch (you logo/simple text/shape/etc)
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I definitely have what I need to make a sample ring. I wasn't sure if there was a less expensive place to find them pre-made.

The 'pizza box' is a very comprehensive display. Each page has a single style in every color.
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