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:)Hello All! I have been screen printing in the central Arkansas area for about 6 years nows. I started without knowing a thing about it! I had to learn it all! From the basic process to educating myself in the design software! Justification here: I needed a job at the time and my choices were limited, so it seemed to be a great time to start my own business! I leaped head first into screen printing! Who would have thought it would be much harder than it looked on the videos! LOL! But praising the good Lord for bringing me through to the other side! I am still open for business and stronger and wiser than ever! Thankfully, I have grown in knowledge of screen printing but still learn something new on a regular basis! So here I am, I just wanted to be a part of the forum. It seems like this is the place to be to learn from experienced people!
I look forward to being a part of the community of industrious folks here at the t-shirt forums!:D
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