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Well, Life has kicked mine and my wifes butt over and OVER again! I am currently laid off, and we have both decided the only WAY we are EVER going to get a LIFE was to do our own thing!

Well, whats you're OWN THING?

I have always read/ been told do what you love.
WELL THATS CRAP.....I love Sex with my Wife, beer and FPS games......No WAY, I can make money doing any of that!

I LOVE FOOD, who does'nt? I'm in a small town and a mobile roach coach would do great here.
BUT, thats a lot of red tape and ovehead...

I could care less about Rhinestones! CHICK STUFF!

BUT!!! I am excited about this!! I see potential...
Hope, I'm not delusional!

I have read these forums extensively and will continue to do so. Thank YOU ALL for the info....

A beginner, doing a search, on say.... Rhinestone T- shirt business.... Its really nothing or OVERWHELMING!

I have researched and studied the web...
A newbie would think that YOU have to get a 5,000 or 55,000 machine. Thank YOU for being REAL!

One thing that puzzles me....?

Why, do you submit designs to a company to make a motif. Is'nt some creative minds out there to make you're own template motifs....forgive my lack of knowledge to the lingo.
For example, I have seen the Expensive motif makers that drill holes and "shake and bake" it and get the rhinestones to fall in place with the tub of rhinestones the parchment paper.

Why couldn't you do that with balsa wood or molding clay to make a motif? Sure, it would be more labor intensive, but wouldn't that be better than submitting your ideas and designs to a third party? Once you make the motif, its YOURS!

I just think there has got to be a better way than the expensive machines, by this method or something similar.

I can't find anything about HOMEMADE motifs/templates which amazes me...

AnyWHO, Please bare with me and my wife as we ask dumb and repetitive newbie questions....
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