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Howdy from TEXAS!

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Hello everyone, I am located in Houston, TX, company name is Sticker Empire. I have been doing vinyl decals, signs, banner, flags, and other promotional items for a while and recently got into making shirts. Majority of the shirts I am doing, are vinyl heat transfer. Looking to expand in the near future and looking forward to learning all that you T-shirts Vets have to offer!

I would also like to know if anyone could recommend a good company to order transfers from? I have 2 orders (100 shirts each) I can easily cut vinyl, but to be time efficient I was wondering if I should let a company do the work for me and I press them? Few of the designs are attached below.
Also need to know where should I go for transfers for full color? I do not use printer, I have a design for full color on the back, is there a company that can print them for me, and I press the on my shirt?

https://ibb.co/k93ZjQ https://ibb.co/dZ0rW5
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Hey Sticker Empire,
There are a few transfer companies listed in the list on the left. I've personally have ordered from FmExpressions.com. But have researched Howard Custom Transfers and Stalls, most companies that offer this tech seem to be "in the game". You are on the right track, good luck with the order.
P.S.- I'm trying to do something with htownstickers.com, let's link
Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you with us.
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