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Howdy from Mark

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I did some iron on transfers on a hankerchief a few years ago and liked it.
I have a small website business as a sidejob and found out I enjoy working a lot with graphics and Photoshop.
Then, started thinking lately how much I like to work with graphix and I like t-shirts, so let's make some!
And, besides, my kids are all older teens now and don't 'need' me like they did, and they might enjoy this as well.
Wife would enjoy it too, I think.
Looking forward to what you guys have collected here and learn from it.
Just want to have fun and maybe make some money too.
Like my coworker already wants one that says 'where's my lemondrop'. **apparently a drink**.
Plan on learning more about iron ons first. Have everything except a good press. Maybe have to make an initial investment.
Just sayn hi,
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Well thank you for the welcome. I was beginning to think my deo had worn off. :)
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