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Just new here. have never done anything like this before..... all advice appreciated regarding machines and equipment...

hope to start up with t shirts and eventually vinyl signs:)

How should I proceed?
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Sounds like you will need a vinyl cutter for doing signs and a heat press.
A vinyl cutter will also allow you to do heat press vinyl.
Are you looking to do sublimation transfers or just heat press vinyl?
heat transfer to begin with then dye sub.....

what would be the best equipment?
Probably a 24" Contour unit or a Servo unit would be all you need for a vinyl cutter. Perhaps a Saga?
For the heat press, GeoKnight or Stahls' would be the way to go. If you can't afford one of these then get another press that can be upgraded to a GeoKnight or Stahls' later when you are ready.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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