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How would you market these? And what do you think??

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Hey all!

I have a line consisting of about 20 shirt designs or so. I was hoping some of you might give me some feedback on our site/shirt designs, and more importantly, any advice on marketing these.

Because we are doing very simple designs, sort of aimed at funny/ironic messages, I feel that marketing is a bit different from the many people I see doing a more fashion, "branding" based approach. Like, I see a lot of designers now are doing the Ed Hardy/Affliction type of thing, where the selling point is the fashion and the image that the brand presents. Where our shirts are more traditional, simple designs, where the main buying point is not the brand name that is stamped on the shirt.

Hopefully that made sense! Basically just looking for feedback and any of your thoughts on marketing!

Thanks so much for any insight!!

-Jeremy -- icallthisart.com

PS - hopefully my url should show up in my signature, trying to make sure I do this by the rules. :)
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FACEBOOK and twitter!

Love the header part!

Thanks! Yeah, we do facebook and twitter, and we do it hard. Definitely nice little tools, but unless you catch a huge sweep of luck and put out something extremely viral, you'll never make a living off just facebook and twitter. Just my opinion though. We have gotten lots of biz from those two, so I'm not downing them. Do you have specific techniques you use that give you better than average results on the social networking sites?

Thanks again for the input!
Posting funny youtube vids and such always brings ratings up or adding a link to your site check us out on facebook for special promotions/ givaways... or what not?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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