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Hey all,

Advance apologies if this thread seems to be a repetition of numerous others on the forums - I have read extensively about various topics that I'm focusing on in this post, but what I'd really like to get is some specific-to-my-design advice. Would be majorly appreciated.

I've read about simulated process, CMYK, halftones...and a million other things I'm attempting to drill in to my brain, but what would be great is if you guys could take a look at this design, and point me in the right direction a little:

(It's just a quickly put-together pic of bits 'n' bobs, digitally coloured sketches, and the type of effects I want to achieve)

Mainly, my issue is with the gold-leafy/vintage/distressed/faded effects, largely on the angel wings, and filtered over the Ben-Day dots etc.
How would I be able to replicate this on a tee?

I would probably outsource the printing, as I can't reasonably afford kit of a high enough quality, and have only screenprinted in one colour before. (In the future, would love to be able to do the entire job myself, but in the meantime, would like a professional to do that element for me)

So, basically, what I'd like to know is just where to begin, in preparing the work for printing. Would I need to go about designing the work in another way, or could I just keep as-is and then separate from that, and what would be the best method?

Cheers, Charlie
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