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Luke tell your bossman that if the makes the seps correctly that design will work out perfectly ..plus the customer will save a TON of "change" if they are getting charged per screen.
I agree but he just won't go for it. We've had some issues with process in the past and I think it left a bad taste in his mouth. He won't do it unless there's just absolutely no other way. I think we've found a way to get it to 7 and looking pretty good using some halftones and switching some colors around.

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I would take the vector artwork and:
1. change everything that is red to orange. There isn't enough red for anyone to even notice. Maybe even halftone in a little black to make it seem darker than the other oranges.
2. Make the light purple a halftone of the darker purple.
3. Make the light skinned guy in the back just white. Or a like, 5% brown.

So you have:
1. Black
2. Green
3. Royal
4. Purple
5. Orange
6. Brown (using different halftones for the various skin tones)
7. Yellow (I'd even go so far as to try to talk the customer into changing that ONE yellow shirt to a light blue or green so I could use a halftone of another color and get rid of yellow. It's not really adding much to the artwork)

If I personally was doing this artwork, I would print the art in three colors and sell the customer on ordering different colored shirts. Then I could make the outfits whatever color the actual shirt was and totally get rid of the boxy grass thing going on. But that's just me, LOL. I don't have a problem telling them what I think looks best. :p

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Thanks for the input. Yeah, there are definitely things I would have done differently if it was my design. It's a copy of a mural they have in the school so they wanted it to look as close as possible, even if we had to change some colors. Here's what we ended up going with.
1. Red
2. Blue
3. Green
4. Black
5. Chocolate Brown with halftones for the 2 black kids
6. Lighter brown for the hispanic kid with halftones for the white kid
7. Yellow

So hopefully they'll turn out all right, we'll find out today when they go to press!:D


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