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How well does your emulsion wash out?

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This question isn't for the lucky people who have pressure washers!

I want to know from the people who have to spend time scrubbing their screens by hand :)

What kind of emulsion do u have/or used that can be reclaimed by hand the easiest?

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I wanted to ask first, why you don't have a pressure washer?

I found the EXACT washer that many screenprinting suppliers are selling, for under $100. I've seen the same one going anywhere from $130-$180.

My opinion---a MUST HAVE. And on my "not even there" budget, I made that purchase in the middle of my first job because I was NOT bending over scrubbing screens all night. Because ALL NIGHT is what I would've been doing. Takes the task and cuts it in half, if not more. Between time and effort.

Go buy one. PM me and I'll tell you my deal that I found.

(Funniest thing too, some guy- the day before--tried to sell me the EXACT model I bought for $125, USED. Told me he paid upwards of $300. Yeah, right buddy. :mad:
home depot and target have one in the 60-80 dollar range.
Before my pressure i have never had a problem reclaiming screens and have used a few different types of emulsion.
Did I ask where to buy a pressure washer? No.

I can't afford one. I'm on unemployment. If u wanna give me $100 then I'll be happy to buy one.

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We were just offering some info. Really no need for snippiness. :(

We're ALL just trying to earn a living. I understand what you're going through, but no need to take it out on a group of people trying to offer solutions. :confused:
The real answer is that you are going to pay one way or the other.

Without a pressure washer you will use more chemicals and spend more time getting it off with a garden hose-but it works about the same with any emulsion you would use.

On a limited budget-I would chose the emulsion from a supplier either close enough to me to pick it up or one with free shipping and know that I will use about twice the amount of chemicals (still not as much as a pressure washer investment right away)-in other words save money on the emulsion if you can.

On another note-a local car wash would have a more powerful pressure washer than you would ever buy for a small or medium sized shop. Take them there (without the ink on them) and they will come clean pretty quickly.

Hang in there-print some shirts that will sell for a few months and you will grow into having evrything you need to be more productive and time effecient.
I still have no money. And there r no car washes like that where I live.

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Ulano pro-claim washes out super-easy. If you don't under-expose the screen and don't have a lot of hardened in ink- you can reclaim without a pressure washer. I would get a garden spray nozzle for your water hose though, it'll really help get you some good pressure. Also if you can get a quart of even a gallon of CCI liquid renew or Easiway or Franmar one step dehaze and degreaser- your screens will wash out completely clean and ready to coat.
KC, I feel you. Lowe's and probably Home Depot sells a power nozzle that attaches to a regular water hose. It give you a very powerful stream. It's not the gun type but has a single eye openingand a shut off valve and it's under 5 bucks.

As for emulsion I use speedball liquid diazo and remover with good results, don't allow remover to dry on the screen-then you're SOL.
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