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Hi Everyone,

I have a client that wants me to recreate this Fame logo made up of little stars.
Is there a quick way of creating this effect? Like an illustrator or photoshop plugin? I do already have a vector copy of the regular fame logo.
I just really don't want to have to resort to recreating it star by star :(
Thanks in advance.


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In illustrator you would do the following:

  1. Create the outlines of the text to be filled
  2. create one star
  3. create a box around that star that would include the whitespace you want to separate the stars by
  4. set the fill and stroke of that box to null
  5. bring the box to the foreground
  6. select the box and star together and drag and drop them into the swatches panel .. this will create a new swatch with your pattern in it.
  7. Then select the area you'd like to fill with the stars and drop the pattern swatch into the fill color tab for the object you're filling.

Once its filled, you can scale things to get it right. You can then select the object and use object->expand to break it down to individual objects. Once you've done that, select the stars all together and apply your gradient. You'll have to tweek some of the positioning manually to get the flow right, but the bulk of the work can be done with the fill.

... you can probably knock this off if you have the text oultines you'd like to fill in just a few minutes.

Alternatively ... you can drag and drop the pattern in step 6 to the brushes pallet and select "pattern fill". This will allow you to run the stars along the stroke of the text. This will give you more of the flow in your sample. Combine that with the swatch fill and you should be real close.
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