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How was this done!?

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Hi, I enjoy procuring interesting t-shirts. Could some one please tell me how they believe these shirts were made?
they are absolutely soft to the touch with no trace of screen printing. As you can see, the one on the left is grey art on black. The one on the right is just black on a mint green shirt but the black covers almost the entire front of the shirt. How was this done?
I want to know so I can pursue the same method and get the same look for my tees!
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That can be done with soft hand plastisol.
The prints look faded.

color percentages, looks like 2 prints improvised style.
the black looks faded, looks like the shirt color lime is showing thru the soft hand black color ink.

Again, looks like there is a print there, the running looking stuff on the neck binding can be done by hand with freestyle ink spead on the shirt.

hard to tell, would need to feel it.

but you can use plastisol thin ink spread that feels like there is nothing there. That I know for sure.

Are they one of a kinfd items ?
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They're more likely to be discharge or waterbased inks than plastisol.
Solmu said:
They're more likely to be discharge or waterbased inks than plastisol.
yeah, may be you're right. But you can get that faded look with plastisol. Very thin ink spread and with the application over burn/press it so it distorts a little and soaks it right into the fabric.

the white robot on the left shirt looks like you can feel that.
oh, then you hang them out in the sun for a week to get that extra faded burnt look. :) lol

those are some major faded looking shirts.
these are brand new shirts...relatively expensive..40$. They are limited run art shirts. They have "no hand" to them.
btw, thats not a robot on the left thats Satan...
The Beautiful Decay shirt on the right is discharge.
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