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"How too" question #2 from me today

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I need to take an image and make a skull, sort of like this one, out of it.
I know that I can powerclip it into a shape, but I can't figure out how to add the fade around the eye and nose holes and on the inside of the skull outline shape.

Any suggestions?


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To do the fade part, you could use the eraser set at a reduced opacity, with a soft border.
Our you could trace the scull were you want it to fade then apply a transparency to that new image, then power clip it inside.... if that makes sense lol

Or keep the eye and nose holes separate from the skull outline. Bring them to the front. Fill the skull with Black. Powerclip the White text into the skull outline. Apply a drop shadow to taste to the eye and nose holes. Do another drop shadow to the skull outline to the inside.
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