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I have been managing our screen printing, embroidery, DTF company for over 20 years.

I do everything - quotes, answering emails, greeting clients, ordering shirts, creating work orders, approvals, payments, shipping, invoicing, scheduling, etc -- I do it all.

I am going to be having to do a lot of remote work coming up in the next year -- and it's very hard because so much of the process is physical PAPERWORK being moved around the shop. From printing an art change and handing to the artist. From printing a work order and giving it to the staff for art/production. We use red folders for new orders and blue folders for approved jobs -- half my day is spent swapping those out as they get approved. We hang printed art sheets of each order on the wall every morning for the staff - it's how they know what jobs to do, what order to do them in, etc -- I print and hang those up. We organize all our boxes and put a color printout of the order on top so they are easy to find - more paperwork I print and walk around with. I invoice each job once it's done and use the PAPERWORK to do that - and staple a physical copy to the job packet. This all required me to be in the office.

So my goal now is to find a way to do EVERYTHING online so I can work remotely and the shop doesn't fall into chaos every time I am gone.
Maybe it's a software solution, maybe it's re-assigning some duties.

Right now here are the online processes we use:
GMAIL - emails, quotes, sending art, etc.
SQUARE - payment links / card processing
MONDAY.COM -- scheduling, tracking new, art done, approved, payments, made, shirts, ordered, due dates, print dates, etc
ALPHABRODER - ordering garments
QUICKBOOKS - invoicing

Here is what currently uses paperwork that we need to change:
Invoicing --- printing paper invoices
Work Orders --- printing work orders (our artist uses these to make proofs, our print staff uses these to print jobs, our receiving dept uses to count items in) big one
Red Folder / Blue Folder System (currently all red folders are new or in process jobs // blue folders are approved jobs ready to print)
Job Board --- printed proofs sheets on the wall to guide out print staff on their daily activities big one
Work Flow ---- giving our artist changes sent via email
Receiving --- getting each box marked with a photo of at minimum JOB NAME for what is in that stack (we have around 100-150 boxes in shop at all times)
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