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How to start the business

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Hi people,

I am in the process of starting up a dtg printing business, but I would like to get your thoughts on this matter. There are no companies that offer this service in my local area, and I am wondering how to corner my market the best way possible. Should I give good offers for co-operation for the wholesalers, and after this make my own website to take care of the retail end ?
I am mostly targeting the b2b market, but would very much like to have a website that gives the private customers to make their own designed t-shirts, canvas-prints, and so on.
Much appreciated advice is wanted.

Kind regards

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I don't think your going to corner the market just starting out. Screen Printing, including DTG is a very large market.

Sounds like you don't have your own equipment, and are going to outsource your work, which is fine.

I think you need to get whatever quotes you can, but first get the customers to ask you for a quote. In the mean time find someone who does DTGs and have them give you a quote with their breakdown quantities. They don't have screens to charge you by color, but they might charge you a setup, and/or artwork charges.
Id suggest going to the dtg section of this forum to post your question.Im pretty sure there isnt alot of room for discounts in dtg printing.the cost of the ink is the same whether its 10 peices or 100.the machine still takes the same amount of time to print each one.Not sure if you got a dtg yet but they are pricey,and if you read the dtg forum can be problematic.I was looking into one and after reading the posts and I changed my mind.but hey Im not saying it cant be done.if there is a will there is a way.good luck!Eric
As a DTG printer I can tell you Eric is right about the cost associated with printing with DTG that is the cost per shirt is the same regardless of the quantity. That said we do wholesale and retail DTG printing and there is a price spread between the two also a price break in quantity. Not the same as a screen printer because of the cost per shirt but sill for us a difference we can offer the client.

Hope this helps.
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Now if you're going to get your own DTG, consider what you're going to do to get started and stay in the business. If you pay cash, and it's money that you saved up and can afford to loose or not count on at the end of them month for bills, then you can pace yourself and make your money back with each t-shirt printed.

If you have to make payments, then you have to charge enough to make the monthly payments, plus bring in a profit. If you're really determined to get this going, than it's not impossible to work a part time job to pay for it. Even delivering news papers now days pays almost one thousand a month, and you can work for about a year to pay for a lower cost machine. Don't to mention you would be a bunch of people also delivering papers in the early morning hours, and they have friends too.

You can do just about anything to bring in the extra money in case t-shirts aren't selling. I have a couple of ideas if you decide to get your own machine. I'd hate to see anyone loose a machine when they seem so determined to get started. Oh, yes we're experienced screen printers and DTG owners.
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I know I am way late for the fourm and post. But we got our shop setup last year and signed a 1 year lease which is set to end any month now. But we are having a super hard time in the business. We havd saved money and put all of our savings into the business. one partner used to do a lot of iron type shirts for $15-$20 in a local mall and suggested that it would be great to start a DTG since no one locally ws doing it and people would gladly pay $20-$25 per shirt to have the quality and designing that DTG has to offer. Well, People are reluctant thanugh we have been able to pay rent and employees thru the business we currently have. anything extra is out of pocket. What ideas do you have for acquiring additional business for DTG's. We have a local designer that we run just white shirts for at our cost hoping that as summer comes around his order and designs will increse. Sofar its been horrible? help pls
Ron, PM me maybe I can send some stuff your way.

Also, you have to hit the pavement. Call local businesses and tell them your having a sale. $4.00 multiple colors one location, white t-shirt. Second location $7.00. Dark shirts, $8.00 multiple colors, one location.

Minimum of 36 shirts or something like that. Don't let them do one. Call business that already do t-shirts for their business. They know all about screen charges.

Hope that helps.
thanks. Should I contact Screeners or someone else
Did you write a business plan? In it you will assess the items you are interested in like market share, competition, prices, sales volume, need for the product, marketing, etc.
Also Should these prices include t-shirts. If yes than I will end up in red.
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