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How to source clothing for a new gym brand (printed & tagged)

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Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy t-shirts and stringer / racer back / Y-Back vests for my upcoming gym clothing brand.

I was wondering if anyone could point me into the right direction in finding a UK supplier who can print my brands name on the t-shirts and vests, and also add a custom tag/print in the neck, before sending on to me?

All help is appreciated!

(Something like on here - http://www.iwearit.com/cheaptanktops.aspx )
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Hello, if you PM me I can give you an email address to contact with quantities you require etc. and do you a quote if you like?
Give us a shout EnglandGuy

We print a lot for high end clothing companies and crossfit gyms.

Check out our website for some more info then give us an email :)

www merchasylum co uk
I've spoke to a few people but I am STILL LOOKING for stringer / extreme racer back gym vests!

Please get in touch!
Hello, I would direct you to a manufacturer than a supplier, the benefits with working directly with the manufacturer is unlimited. Services of an apparel manufacturer company would be including custom dye fabric colours, cut sew screen printing ability to do full bleed prints, choosing your inks (especially water based inks rather than plastisol on gym & fitness clothing) custom labels, apparels can be custom manufactured in your own measurements all this at a lower price than a basic supplier and many more that I cannot list right now.

Check out here: AEM Textile
Im still looking for someone who can provide these vests! Stringer vests with print.
I can print them but need to get some stock in as have an order and no one seems to supply them

You had any joy at all?

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