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How to "shrink" workspace of a image

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Sup guys,

Well I am getting a little irritated with Illustrator right now. I am working with CS3 and when I open an image file in Illustrator, the file opens up, BUT around the image there is A LOT of extra white space around the image. So everytime I use the pen tool, and drag it down/up/left/right.... it scrolls ALLLLL the way towards the bottom/top/side, and it gets me reallllly irritated. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to stop having such a BIG white space surrounding the image? Of course, the image is inside the black box (the original size of the image). But I'm getting really annoyed of it having such a big workspace. Sorry guys if I am being confusing.

Can I stop having such a big work space around the image, and just only have a window the size of the image?


***Edit - I guess it is considered the canvas size? For instance, I have an image inside the bounding box, but outside of the bounding box, there is a lot of white space. How can I get rid of that white space and just having only the image bounded in the box?
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short answer, you can't. as far as I know the art board is fixed and can not be changed.

the pen thing drives me nuts also by the way. especially seems to happen when I am trying to work fast.
Under File>Document Setup>

you can change the document dimennsions. this will change the size of your art board.

you can also create a crop area of any rectange with Object>Crop Area>Make> while the rectangle is selected.
Yea, looked at the document settings-artboard. The document is 8.5 x 11, which is right. I was just only referencing about the area outside of the 8.5 x 11 box... where the is A BIG area of infinite white space. So there is no way to get rid of that area?

Thanks for the input though... any more?
when I wrote "art board" that outside space is actually what I was referring to, there is a name for it I just can't think of it.

but no, I really don't think it can be changed. it isn't infinite either, if you zoom all the way out you can see the boundaries. It's like 227 inches x 227 inches.

you could work at this size and just scale everything down....

you'd have the use like 400 point type and 200 point stroke sizes though...

why would you ever want to change that space's dimensions?

that space is to be thought of as your "desk area" for a lack of a better description. a place that you could use to "lay" partially realized design pieces or *working* ideas that may or may not make their way into the art proper.
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