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How to show preview of shirts on website

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I have designed several different shirts on my program and have the designs set that all I am going to have to do now is to print them, but for my website I think it would be good for the customers to be able to see a picture of what the design would look like on an actual shirt for each item. How do i get my design onto a computer picture of a shirt to post on my website to show a preview of what the design would look like? Sorry if this doesnt make since. THanks in advance
I am meaning something sort of like this: US Army Tee Shirt

How do I get my computer designed image to be transposed onto a shirt to show preview on my website.

ps. really sorry if its tough to understand what i am asking, dont know how to describe what i am meaning.
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runnerdud - What you are asking is pretty clear. Here is one method in Photoshop. Take a picture of the shirt and save it. Take a scan of the design and save it. Open the picture of the shirt in Photoshop. Open the picture of the design in Photoshop. Use the 'move tool' (the little arrow with the cross beside it on your toolbar) to click and drag your design across onto the t shirt window.
Use 'Edit/Transform' to adjust the size of your design. Use the magic wand to select any background and then delete it. Flatten the image with 'layer/flatten image' and save it as eg 'white skull shirt 1'. Bruce.
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