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Im a DTG printer and I occasionally contract out jobs. I have a 3 color design that needs to be seperated. I work in psCS5 most of the time. Can i seperate colors in PsCS5? I also have AI but im not very familiar with how to use it just yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated or if you could share a link/tutorial that might help.


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Most screen printers will separate for you.

Cliff notes version of one (of the many) ways to separate out spot colors in PS CS5.

1) Select the magic wand tool
2) Click on your first color. "Marching Ants" should appear around everywhere that color appears. If not adjust the sensitivity number up a little.
3) Select "Inverse"
4) On the bottom right hand side, where it shows your "layers", switch to "Channels"
5) Hit the New Channel Button, it will make a channel that is the photo positive of that color
6) Repeat for each color
7) You can now de-select all the channels and select on the channel for the appropriate color, and print out the positive.

Good luck!
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