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how to separate this simple design using Grayscale mode

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Pls help me how to separate this simple design using Grayscale mode...I just need to get the black and gray so I can print in colors only...Thanks


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You call the image a simple design in greyscale but it's actually quite complex because it's not in grey and black it's actually in thousands of shades in a gradient. I think you would struggle to print this at all never mind convert it to colour.

I got it into colour (kind of) in Photoshop by:...

Get the image the right size.
Filter/Texture/Grain - Push the intensity slider all the way to the left and the contrast all the way to the right.
Select Colour Range and click on the black lettering. Move the slider all the way to the right.
Go to the colour picker and select bright red.
Use the paintbrush to paint the parts you want one of the colours. Leave the other part black.
Open the channels pallet.
Select colour range and select the red areas.
Click on the create new channel icon at the bottom of the channels to create a colour channel.
Double click the new channel icon.
Select Spot colour and make it 100%
Do the same for the black.
You now have two colour channels. Make sure only one channel is selected and print it out; then do the same for the other one.
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That was cool mate thank u so much, using the texture effect I was able to get what I want. Actually I need to exactly print the design with the same color but i think black should be enough. I was trying to do Indexed color separation but It seems i won't be able to do it coz im using 4 color press only. Im a filipino but doin the business here in Indonesia and yesterday Bandung Printers showed me how to separate that but I couldn't remember the way. Anyway Thanks for helping I really appreciate that. cheers!:)
No problem, I'm glad you got it sorted. Regards, Bruce.
Halftones is probably what you needed but you would need a bit of software to do that properly. Then you would have got the black image with all of its grey tones.
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