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how to sep this?

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customer wants this art on front (small left chest) and back. he told me its 3 colors. i can tell its more than 3. its going on black shirts. i know the black letters would need an outline. what would be the best way to print this?


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My opinion is a printed heat transfer, and cut out!
I might use heat transfer as well... depending on how many shirt the customer is wanting. Over 15-20... I would screen print... I use heat tranfer for alot of my small run jobs...
I'd say that's at least 4 colours plus underbase.
i have 50 shirts to print. would anyone suggest cmyk?
i have 50 shirts to print. would anyone suggest cmyk?
CMYK does not look good on black shirts, I'd separate it as spot colors.
1 Base gray

2 Yellow (eyes)

3 Red mouths

4 Green - at top for largest area of ink.

5 Top White (I use the base gray and top white to get the brightness/depth of the sword.

- Use black shirt as the black. Outline the type. Good to go.

If this same art is going on left chest, the Yellow and red can be taken out for the left chest. They would be the size of a small dot.
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Yes this have more than 3 colors as describe above....You need screen, heat transfer and a quality print for that...its looks pretty awkward on black :p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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