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Do you want to make some quick cash with selling the closeout tees to your contacts/customers?

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How To Sell The Close Out Tees?

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Hello everyone,

I need to learn something from you like what is the best way to sell close outs in small quantities? Say for instance, the targets are small web shop or boutique owners. The main challenge is, these goods will be close out ones, so they will vary in terms of size, color, made up, label details, gender select. Apart from these, this has to be rounded to a minimum order lot size and customers should get a chance to have a look at the designs before ordering. Surely a website can serve the purpose, but what if there is no website and things cannot be posted on cafepress or like.

May be if i put them in bullet points, this can help to give the complete picture:

1. Hundreds of closeouts, in varying designs, shapes, sizes, colors etc.
2. Which would be the best platform to show case them when the target audience is boutique and small retailers and web shops.
3. How to develop the MOQ thing since shipping is unavoidable.
4. On pricing terms, do you think, customers can make at least 50% advance as TT or other methods.

Honestly, if i come across with the full response from the buyers / demand, i might be designing something for them soon. But before that i really need to know and learn how much the customers will find it lucrative. Please have your say and advice me, how would you be preferring to buy in such arrangements and MOQ and other terms.

Thanks again to every one.
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