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How to sell an Anajet Sprint

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I have an anajet sprint for sale. I need to know how I find someone who is wanting to buy one. Thank for your help.
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The classifieds section is great, but I believe you need 10-15 posts on other forums before you can post there.

Best and fastest way to sell something:

1. Post a classified ad here
2. Post photos of the machine, inside and out, with details like printhead and capping station and ink hoses
3. Post a nozzle check you just did
4. Offer to crate and ship it
5. Offer to print a shirt for a curious buyer. Only do it with a $50 deposit so you don't get tire kickers
6. List everything that comes with it, including new ink, old ink, colors of ink, software, software dongles, etc.
7. Post your location!
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Do your homework regarding price. Check the tshirt forum classifieds, other classified add sites, and eBay. The biggest issue most people have is believing the price they paid has anything to do with a printers worth today.

There are several on eBay in the 7-10k range with zero offers or bids. The only listing with any activity is just under $5000, so consider 5-6.5k as the range of worth for a functioning unit.
Closing out this thread as we don't allow sales posts in the forum threads. http://www.t-shirtforums.com/forum-information/t1173.html
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