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How to screen print this design

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I'm trying to figure out how to print this using spot colors. Plan was to do white underbase with blue, red, and black with halftones but looking at the art it is a bitmap and in coreldraw it isn't a clean conversion. I'm losing a lot of the detail. Suggestions? How would you break this down?



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bitmap in corel draw?

If you are starting with a not so desirable conversion wouldn't it be better to do some cleaning up first?

What mesh count and lpi are you using?
1. Send it to a professional for a vector conversion.

2. Print it as Underbase, Blue, Red, Gray, Black. Don't try to shade the grays with a halftone of the black. The result will be less than desirable on a solid underbase.
Thank you for all the suggestions! The simpleseps raster looks interesting. Might give it a try. We get flyers/mailing all the time for art professionals, for this project anyone recommend one they've had good results with?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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