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How to print this logo?

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Not sure if this will show up right since I am trying to upload using my cell phone. But I was wondering should I print the yellow or red first? I know the black will be last. And could I just do a solid yellow oval? Or should I knock out the red like a trap? This is being printed on sky blue shirts.

If the Image didn't work, I'll re do when I get home. It's a spin off of a superman logo.

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Since the red and yellow don't touch, it really doesn't matter. I have always heard print the lightest color first. God Bless.
I would print the solid yellow oval, then the red, then the black outline.. Should come out fine.. Good Luck!
Yep. Either way.

Flash between colors. Knock out the yellow. Slight trap. No need to double hit either color with the right combination of ink, set up and print technique.
I would print either yellow or red first, it doesn't matter since they are not touching. Then print the black to cover the joint between colors. With the right technique and good screens you don't even need to flash between colors.
God Bless you in your journey.
Red and yellow first then black lining. Good way
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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