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Ho Bougie,

I bought a copy back in the early 90's (I think that's about the time). The book I bought, which had the same title was about how to create your own screen printing press and how to screen print. There were a few sections about marketing, business, etc... but it mainly dealt with actual screen printing.

Mind you now that the book I had was from years ago and the contents of the new one most likely will have been changed.

The book from Personalized Supplies has been out for a while yet and although I have not looked at the book, I can only say that reading from those who did read the book, it was very informative and worthwhile.

If you are in need of various sources on how to use heat transfers - both sub and pigmented, you might wish to try Ebay using a search for sublimation heat transfers, soft hand heat transfers, heat transfers, how to, etc...

Sorry not much help but hopefully it's a start.

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